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What is lightweight construction?

In short, instead of using the conventional method of construction that makes use of timbre formwork, we make use of structural steel instead. 

Why should you consider using lightweight construction?

Lightweight Structure.jpeg
  • Efficient time & cost management

  • Shorter construction time

  • Easy & quick installation

Lightweight Construction
  • Small site facilities

  • Optimal use for A&A in existing houses

Steel Structure (Framing)
  • Industrial level quality assurance

  • Dimensional accuracy & planning security

Lightweight Construction.jpeg
  • Lower transportation expenditure

  • Early usage owing to short construction time

  • Cash benefits from integrated planning

How do you know if you can take advantage of this lightweight construction?

There are a few things to check, for example

  • ​Intended area to be extended

  • Existing structural loading

  • Existing soil bearing capacity

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Serene Pan

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