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Channel 5, 8, U & Channel News Asia

Director, Ms. Serene Pan gives an interview on the impact of manpower crunch on SME construction firms like Hitomo Construction during COVID-19. 

News, 23.04.2021

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Shin Min Daily News (新明日报)

Director, Ms. Serene Pan gives a phone interview on how SME and Hitomo Construction were affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Newspaper, 26.05.2020


Channel 8 & 
Channel News Asia

Director, Ms. Serene Pan gives an interview on how Hitomo Construction tackles the issues of rising dengue cases among construction sites. 

News, 28.06.2019

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The Business Times

Director,  Serene Pan shares her advices to budding young entrepreneurs on which platforms they can take on to learn from the industrial experts before taking the plunge. 

Newspaper, 26.07.2017

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Money Mind (Channel News Asia)

Director, Ms. Serene Pan gives a personal interview on what does it takes for a woman to excel in a male dominated industry.  

TV Programme, 12.03.2017

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Spirit of Enterprise (SOE)

Director, Ms Serene Pan shares her entrepreneurial journey since 2009 by joining the SOE as a student interviewer to starting her own company. From student interviewer, she rose to being SOE’s Student Interviewer Programme Chairperson and offered to pay it forward by volunteering her time and effort in cultivating the next batch of successful young entrepreneurs.

Magazine, 2014